Silky Gomboy Professional Folding Saw 8.3 in Blade Medium

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The Silky GOMBOY handsaw is available in two types: folding blade and fixed blade (GOMBOY-7 series). The blades are interchangeable between GOMBOY types within the same blade length. There are four GOMBOY blade lengths: 8-1/3-inch (210 mm), 9-1/2-inch (240 mm), 10-2/3-inch (270 mm), and 11-4/5-inch (300 mm). Every blade length is available in three teeth sizes/configurations (tpi - teeth per inch): 5-6 tpi - Large/Coarse (pruning, green wood), 8.5 tpi - Medium (soft wood) and 12 tpi - Fine (hard wood).
Blade length: 8.30 in
Teeth per in: 8.5
Cut capacity (inches): 4.20 in
Blade material: SK-4 high carbon
Handle material: Rubber, steel