Redi-Edge Pocket Knife Sharpener REPS201 Black

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The REPS201 Redi-Edge Pocket Knife Sharpener is unmatched in its design and effectiveness. The convenient pocket design enhances the portability of the sharpener. Thumb insert gives you a sturdy grip while you use the Duromite sharpening elements put the perfect edge on your knife every time. The Redi-Edge Pocket Duromite sharpening elements are factory set at a 40 degree inclusive angle, maintaining a consistent 20 degree double edge on your knives.
Machined from military-grade aluminum bar stock for extreme durability
Duromite sharpening elements are harder than any knife blade
Factory pre-set to sharpen most knife blades at a 40 degree inclusive angle to maintain a 20 degree double cutting edge
Pocket design enhances the portability of the sharpener
Thumb insert gives a sturdy grip
Comes with a black sheath