Lyman MSR Precision Die System 458 SOCOM Bushmaster 4Die Set

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Lymans MSR Die Sets are engineered specifically for MSR ammo and are a must for anyone reloading for a modern sporting rifle. These sets include a Small Base Sizing Die designed for semi-auto use which will size cases to a slightly smaller diameter to ensure smooth chambering. Each die set comes with a separate Seating Die and Taper Crimp Die. The Taper Crimp Die is designed to give you added bullet grip for functioning through semi-auto actions. MSR Die Sets also come with one Lyman Ammo Checker gauge. These are Go gauges machined to minimum chamber specs. Simply drop your loaded round into the gauge, and if it fits, it will chamber. Naturally dies for black rifles should also be black, so MSR dies come with a black oxide finish and are packed in a foam lined storage case.
Small Base Size die for smooth chambering
Separate Taper Crimp die for tight bullet grip
Ammo Checker cartridge ���Go��� gauge included with each set
Black finish matches your favorite ���black��� rifle.
Packed in a sturdy, clear cover storage case