GROCO SWEETANK Odor Neutralization System - 115VAC

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SWEETANK Odor Neutralization System - 115VAC


The SWEETTANK concept has been developed to stop odors in yacht and RV holding tanks without the use of chemicals or filters. SWEETTANK is standard equipment on THERMOPURE-2 Type-I MSD, in GROCO Type-III MSD,  and is offered in several retrofit kits to fit existing holding tanks.


Aerobic and anaerobic bacteria coexist naturally in raw sewage, but it is the anaerobic bacteria that produce undesirable odors. By inducing a constant flow of air into the holding tank through a submerged aeration tube, SWEETTANK produces an oxygen-rich environment in which the anaerobic bacteria cannot thrive, thus eliminating unpleasant odors. The heart of the SWEETTANK system is a compact module that operates continuously to deliver air to the holding tank.

Manufacturer : GROCO
Manufacturer Part No : STK-18 115VAC
UPC : 742985138322