FISH-D-FUNK Wipes Fish Stink Removal 30-Pouch

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FISH-D-FUNK Wipes Fish Stink Removal 30/Pouch FISH-D-FUNK Wipes Fish Stink Removal in convienient Pouch, Uses Fish-D-Funks exclusive DOUBLE DOWN Technology. It works two ways.Neutralizes odors at molecular level. Counteracts odors at the molecular level. This one-two odor-controlling punch is a Fish-D-Funk exclusive and is more effective than one or the other by itself. And, its why Fish-D-Funk is the best product for removing both fish smell from your hands, so you dont stink, and the smell of foreign substances, so you can catch more fish!
Fish-D-Funks exclusive DOUBLE DOWN Technology works two ways
1. Neutralizes odors at molecular level 2.Counteracts odors at the molecular level
A Fish-D-Funk wipe will remove the odor (and slime) and save you from wearing the stink the rest of the day.
Clean hands after cleaning fish
Removes fish scent
Made in the USA