Cuda Bucket of 42 Knife Sharpeners

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Cuda Bucket of 42 Knife Sharpeners.The Cuda brand was designed with the strength, power and agility of the Barracuda. Cuda fishing products are built for the ultimate in fresh and saltwater fishing and will continue to perform over time. Featuring Titanium Bonded steels and alloys, Cuda Tools provide world-class hardness, corrosion and adhesive resistance. The Titanium Bonding process makes the steel three times harder than untreated steel. Cuda fishing tools are designed by professionals and thoroughly tested in both fresh and salt water environments, providing the highest quality and reliability. Cuda Bucket of 42 Knife Sharpeners. Lifetime warranty.
Cuda Bucket of 42 Knife Sharpeners.
Small, compact, portable
Sharpens & hones