Wild River Nomad XP Lighted Backpack w-USB Charging System

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The Nomad XP includes an integrated 5000mAh rechargeable USB power supply that is designed to extend the battery life of small portable electronic devices. The optional Wild River Clip-On Solar Panel offers an alternative way to recharge the Nomad XP USB power supply. Additionally, an integrated rotating 3 level LED light system, with white light and green light options, is designed to illuminate your work area and internally into backpack. The Nomad XP also has the capacity to hold up to six 3600-series and four 3500-series trays. U.S. and Intl Patents Pending.
Integrated 3-level LED light system allows for fishing from dusk-till-dawn
Integrated 5000mAh rechargeable USB power supply (included) extends the battery life of personal electronics
4 Power adapter tips and USB cable included - (Apple lightning, Apple 30-pin, USB micro, USB mini)
Optional ���clip-on��� solar panel provides continuous power for long trips
Dual function front pocket holds mobile device and power supply
Storage compartments for up to 4 medium #3600 and 2 small #3500 trays
Protective rain cover keeps your bag contents dry