Underwater Kinetics Sunlight C4 eLED (L2) Dive Light

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The Underwater Kinetics C4 eLED is a versatile and durable primary dive light that produces a powerful, penetrating beam in a lightweight, compact package. Specially designed for smaller hands. This dive light produces 185 lumens for 6.5 hours in air, or 4 under water. Waterproof up to 500 feet (152.4 meters)
Batteries last longer by using high efficiency LED
Single high power 6-watt white LED replaces clusters of smaller LEDs to produce a narrow focused beam
Full and half power switch can extend batter life even more
Power circuit control maintains almost contant brightness when used with rechargeable batteries
Light from the eLED is close to sunlight in color and travels farther through water for maximum visibility
Tough O-Ring sealed ABS and polycarbonate case