Stansport Disaster Emergency Prep Kit

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When disaster happens you need to be ready. Being pro-active is better than being reactive. This kit will help you and others survive when the unexpected happens. Warmth, water light, shelter, hygiene, first-aid, protection are included. All fit into a single sturdy duffle. (Propane, and batteries not included. Food and water in the kit is limited.) 50-piece emergency preparedness kit in a 30 by 14-inch cargo bag includes: lantern, flashlight, AM radio, propane stove, and emergency light sticksTarps, fluorescent orange safety vests, ponchos, emergency blankets, and sleeping bags, Pro II 42-piece First Aid Kit, water purification kit, five-gallon water jug, emergency food bars, multi-function knife, saw, multi-purpose tool, 50-foot rope, and fire starter sticks, lantern, flashlight, AM radio, propane stove, and emergency light sticks.
Be ready when disaster hits!
Includes items to keep you dry, warm, protection and first-aid, and let you see and be seen
2 person emergency kit
Includes: 50 survival tools and supplies into a 30" by 14" cargo bag
Small enough to store in your car, home, or office
Kit could make a life or death difference in an emergency
Food and water in the kit are limited but includes many items to collect, store and prepare water and food