PulseTech 12-Volt Solar Charger Maintainer 25-Watt

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Great for a single or multiple batteries connected in parallel that run electrical systems with high loads or short run times between stops. This industrial solar charger will charge at 1.6 amps then go into float mode to maintain the batteries automatically. Instead of using a brittle aluminum frame with a glass coating, this low profile charger is battle tested and durable enough to handle even the harshest environments. The SP-25 utilizes Dogtra's unrivaled solar charging system combined with the patented high frequency pulsing circuit to ensure batteries will start when needed and last 3 times longer. This pulse reverses the naturally occurring process of battery sulfation - the main cause of battery failure.
Charges, conditions, and maintains batteries indefinitely without danger of overcharging or overheating
Output up to 1.6 amps will charge your batteries and offset electrical loads such as lift gates, metering equipment or vehicle tracking systems
Works on all 12 volt lead-acid batteries including wet cell, gel cell, and AGM
Eliminates dead batteries and jump starts on vehicles with up to 4 batteries
Pulse Technology removes and prevents sulfate crystal buildup
Charges 12v batteries connected in parallel
Indestructible commercial design