Pro Ears Ultra Sleek Ear Muffs NRR 26 Black

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The Pro Ears Ultra Sleek Hearing Protection Ear Muff advantages are the superior comfort, quality and performance. Ultra Sleek ear muffs have an NRR of 26, are very comfortable and stylish. They are ideal for range use, indoor or outdoors, long guns and shotguns can be shoulder mounted with out interference. If you are an active shooter who wants great protection, comfort and style, the Pro Ears Ultra Sleek model is ideal.
Great comfort, noise attenuation and quality
Super comfortable Pro Form leather ear cushions and padded, adjustable headband make all day use a breeze
Ideal for indoor and outdoor range use, and you can shoulder long gun or shotgun with ease and without interference
Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is 26
Designed for hunting and shooting