Pro Ears Passive Revo Ear Muffs Green PE26-U-Y-003

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Pro Ears ReVo NPR26 Passive Ear Muffs are made for smaller heads. These youth hearing protectors are designed from the ground up to fit smaller heads. ProEars ReVo Earmuffs have all the same features you expect from Pro Ears hearing protection, but they provide a better fit for children and smaller adults. These ear muffs from Pro Ears are ideal for environments where total situational awareness is not required. A pair of ProEars passive ear muffs is the most effective means to protect your hearing - comfortable and well designed, they can protect your hearing for years. The ProEars ReVo Hearing Protectors provide a revolutionary approach to providing a proper fit, with Super Sized ProForm leather ear cushions and Super Soft flexible headbands to provide a great fit in a lightweight package. The headband compression of the ProEars ReVo Youth Ear Muffs is finely tuned to prevent those nasty headaches you can get from too much headband compression. When you've got young ears to protect, turn to the ProEars ReVo 26 Hearing Protectors - because one size does not fit all! Features: Designed for smaller heads!; Rugged construction; Adjustable headband; Super-Sized ProForm leather ear cushions; No metal parts to break and potentially scratch a young child or become a swallow hazard; Die(more...)
Designed for smaller heads
Rugged construction
Adjustable headband
Super-Sized ProForm leather ear cushions
Additional foam cushioning to reduce potential gaps around smaller ears