Plastica MAX1100S Wtrprf Case 46.34in x 17.72in x 6.22in H

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Plastica MAX Outdoor Case is waterproof and dustproof IP67 rated. Aimed to reach the highest quality in order to guarantee excellent performance and resistant to impacts, as well as protection against atmospheric agents such water and dust. This makes the case particularly adapt in situation where moving fragile and valuable objects requires an absolute guarantee of resistant, protection and waterproof safeguarding. The unique MAX polypropylene compound which is the result of continual research on resistance, guarantees an excellent balance between rigidity and resistant to impact. Fully length hinges with easy to open double throw latches. The nylon pins are corrosion free.
Watertight seal around lid
Automatic pressure release valve
IP67 certification
Cubed foams in the bottom and convoluted foams in the lid
Internal dimensions: 43.30" x 14.57" x 5.51" H
Easy to open double throw latches with padlock slots
Soft grip handle