Nat Geo Tunny 2 Set Yellow-Black ML-L 9-12

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The National Geographic Snorkeler Tunny2 Set (Yellow/Black ML/L 9-12) has CE tempered lenses for safe distortion free clarity. Lightweight Delrin and advanced lightweight plastics frames. Feathered edge mask skirt seals comfortably and distributes sealing pressure. Pliable non feathered nose piece for ease of equalization and mask clearing. Ratchet quick lock masks strap adjustment. Flexible replaceable mask strap with 3 point hold design. Snorkels - Orthodontic designed mouth pieces to avoid jaw fatigue. Easy mount snorkel tab to secure snorkel to mask. Wide bore tube for proper air displacement and exchange. Properly sized components to accommodate widest range of snorkelers. Variety of splash guards to keep the snorkel dry under most conditions. Fins - Soft comfortable foot pockets available in a full foot or adjustable open heel. Ratchet Quick Lock system is utilized on the open heel design with the option of replaceable fin straps. Both designs can be worn with or without additional foot protection such as Bootie or Neoprene socks. Blades made from carefully selected composites to maximize the snap & flex for the desired task, combining as many as three different materials to achieve the appropriate desired thrust to energy exertion ratio. Variety of blade styles (more...)
Silicone mask strap is flexible and replaceable with - 3 point hold
Ratchet Quick lock (RQL )- mask strap adjustment and silicone mask skirt has a feathered edge seal
Frame- Lightweight Derlin and plastic
Mouthpiece has an orthodontic design for an optimal fit
Reusable carry bag featuring mesh side, inside pocket for mask storage, heavy duty zip around zipper