Lansky Tri-Stone Diamond Bench Stone

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Lansky delivers the most versatile 3 Stone Sharpener available, Combining 3 of our best stones: Diamond, Alumina-Oxide, and Ceramic. The result is a stand-alone, high-value sharpening center that will do it all, with better versatility than other similar products and last longer doing it. All sharpening surfaces measure2" x 6".
The continuous diamond surface (120 grit) will repair and re-profile extremely dull or damaged blades. ��This is not to be used every time, only on blades in need of serious repair or re-profiling
The long lasting Alumina-Oxide surface (280 grit) is where most your touch-ups will occur, before polishing it off with the ceramic side. ��This is most comparable to a traditional sharpening stone, producing a working-edge that is adequate for most cutting task
The Ceramic surface (1000 grit) is used for sharpening and finishing. ��This is what will turn a micro-serrated edge into a smooth, shaving-sharp, cutting edge. ��The type of edge you can confidently brag about
The sturdy plastic base boasts a wide footprint with low-profile and non-slip rubber feet giving the Lansky Tri-Stone Benchstone greater stability, resulting in greater user satisfaction
The unique tri-stone cradle allows you to have full control of the stones at all times
Unique tri-stone cradle
Fine ceramic stone