Lansky Standard Controlled-Angle Knife Sharpening System

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The LanskyControlled-AngleSharpening System is a guided knife sharpening system that ensures your knife gets sharpened to the exact bevel you specify every time. This system is designed to give your blade a professional, razor sharp edge regardless of your sharpening ability. Excellent for beginners and advanced users alike.Theoriginaland legendary Controlled-Angle Systemis the ultimate in Knife Sharpening technology.
17�� Angle��- A severe angle recommended for razor blades, fillet knives or similar tools. An extremely sharp but delicate edge
20�� Angle��- A commonly used angle for higher quality blades and provides an excellent edge for kitchen cutlery and slicing knives
25�� Angle��- The recommended angle for most knives that need a durable, sharp edge. Ideal for hunting and outdoor knives
30�� Angle��- An outstanding angle for knives that cut cardboard, rope or carpets. Best for heavy duty use