JumpStart Charging 2n1 Marine-Auto Replacement TetherHarness

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Jumping & charging cable in one. Use cable for jump starting or simply attach the included SAE Adapter to a trickle charger for convenient charging. Easy To Jump & Charge. Jump Start: detach the SAE Adapter and attach the blue jump start connector to the jump start port in Weego and proceed with jump. Trickle Charge: attach the SAE Adapter to the tether, remove the weatherproof cap and connect to a trickle charger
(For JS6 & JS12) Use tether for jump starting and simply attach the included SAE adapter to a trickle charger
10 mm eyelet rings fit most Boats and Automobile battery terminals
Includes 400A fuse & diode protections to ensure your safety
Easy to assemble - just connect to the battery terminals and route to the body of the vehicle
Includes Marine & Auto Tether plus SAE Adapter with weatherproof cap