Hatch NS430 Specialist Glove Size Medium

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Built for maximum dexterity and grip for a wide range of conditions, Hatch Model NS430 Specialist gloves are low-profile, to provide accurate feel and secure weapons manipulation while on duty or at the range. Synsi-feel synthetic leather palms offer an accurate feel and feature Extreme-Grip reinforcements on the palms and fingertips for added traction in key areas. Neoprene construction provides a snug fit with weather-resistance for colder temperatures, and breathability to keep your hands from overheating in milder weather. The Specialist gloves can be worn in wet or dry conditions, and are ideal general-purpose duty gloves to have in your 'tool kit'.
Maximum dexterity and grip
Synsi-feel synthetic leather palm
Neoprene construction
Can be worn in wet or dry conditions
General-purpose duty glove