Guard Dog Ivy Concealed Stun Gun-Flashlight Pink

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The sleekest, practical defense flashlight ever designed, the Guard Dog Ivy. Especially designed for your daily carry, whether while taking a stroll or walking to your car at night, the Ivy is your best daily companion. With a curved and rubberized body, you can hold the self-defense flashlight with ultimate comfort. Turn on the flashlight and a pure white light is visible, capable of temporarily blinding an attacker. With a simple press of the empowering stun gun switch, the Ivy becomes a self-defense flashlight, with the ability to fend off an assailant with sound alone, or to make them regret nearing you with a touch of the high voltage sparks. Built with Guard Dog's exclusive Concealed Inner Stun Technology, the Ivy is our most disguised stun gun ever, hiding any visible prongs, common in other stun guns. Need a recharge? Simply plug in the included rechargeable cord for everlasting power and safety. You'll never leave home without the Guard Dog Ivy, a daily use high-powered flashlight with a concealed stun gun. Be prepared, be protected, be stylish.
Hidden in a sleek flashlight lies an electrifying stun gun powered with high voltage thrust to simply scare an attacker with its sound alone
200 lumen flashlight: A high powered tactical flashlight in a compact size for daily use
Unique contoured design
Safety switch: on/off safety switch to prevent accidental discharge
Rechargeable battery: simply plug in the charging cord when the stun and flashlight are running low and never buy batteries again
Includes wall charger