Fremont Farson Blade Survival Tool Overall Length 6in

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The Farson Blade is an idea that comes from an ancient tool we found in the Great Red Desert near Farson Wyoming. This is a remote area that has an incredible eco system with a unique type of elk, thousands of antelope and various other unique characteristics. The people who lived in this remote area developed crude tools that would cut, chop, slice and skin for the daily needs. Fremont approached this with high quality stainless steel and modern manufacturing methods to come up with a versatile tool that can be used in extreme environments. This blade is a compact, light, versatile tool that can be used to chop kindling, be made into a hatchet, skin process a large animal and even chop up your onions for dinner. It fits in your pack and could save your life. The handle is wrapped with 550 paracord, another versatile tool for the extreme hiker.
Overall length 6 inches
Can be converted to a hatchet or a splitting wedge
Stainless steel for less corrosion
Cutting edge length 7.75 inches
Wrapped with 8 ft. of 550 lb. paracord for emergency
Very lightweight tool at 8 oz.
Improved nylon sheath with hard plastics inserts