Frankford Arsenal Quik-N-Ez Tumbler Kit

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Besides ensuring long life for the most valuable component of your ammunition, cleaning your brass will help reduce wear and tear on your expensive reloading dies, not to mention the chamber of your firearm. Grit and grime from uncleaned brass can become imbedded in the inner surfaces of your sizing dies, scratching and marring every subsequent case, and the same grime can be expected to accelerate wear in the chamber and feeding system of your rifle or handgun. The Frankford Arsenal Tumbler Kit includes all components necessary to tumble brass with professional results.
Quick, easy, and economical means to clean your brass
Case Tumbler removes fouling, lube, and oxidation quickly and conveniently
Rotary Separator´┐Ż´┐Żlets media fall through into the included bucket, leaving clean brass behind
Also includes 4oz Brass Polish, 3 lbs Corn Cob Media, and Plastic Bucket