FireDisc Shallow Cooker 36 Inch - Red

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The 36" Shallow Fireman Red FireDisc Cooker is just 36" inches high and is powder coated at over 450 degrees. It has a 22" concaved cooking surface and is completely collapsible. Portable and built to last with no assembly required. You can boil, fry, sear or simmer. The Shallow is ideally suited for hunters and fishermen and designed to pack light and tight and cook up everything from freshly caught fish or meat of any kind to pure, utter greatness. It's also a tailgater's dream cooker that sets up and tears down in minutes, is designed for either large or small propane tanks, and cooks up anything hungry football fans could ever crave. The Shallow is stacked with all the same innovative features of the FireDisc Deep, but lighter and does not include the Heat Ring. The cooking surface offers the same renowned FireDisc seasoned-effect, yielding restaurant quality food that just gets better and better with each meal. A flexible stand adapts easily to uneven outdoor surfaces allowing cooks to select their outdoor kitchens for the view, not the flat ground. Heavy-duty, high content, polished carbon steel is tempered for extreme ductility, hardness, yield strength, and impact resistance. In other words - this cooker is bullet-proof. Designed so that you can find your best kitchen lo(more...)
36 Inch tall design
22 Inch concave cooking surface
You can boil, fry, sear or simmer
Portable and built to last with no assembly required
Operates on propane canisters
Flexible stand adapts to uneven surfaces
Adjustable three temp burner