EKA Swede 9 Hunting Folding Knife 3.5 Inch Blade- Black

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The EKA Swede 9 Hunting Folding Knife 3.5in Blade-Black is a sturdy folding knife with a unique Patented rear locking bar that creates a positive blade lock and a comfortable grip. Modified clip point blade is ground all the way to the handle to maximize cutting surface. Assembled with procession machine screws, allowing user to fine-tune blade action and complete disassembly for cleaning. Two handle materials to choose from: G10 and Bubinga (African Rosewood). Lanyard hole with a parachute cord to avoid dropping and a pocket clip to keep it where it should be.
Scandinavian ground blade for extreme sharp edge and durability
Ergonomic handle design
Textured thumb grip and polished finish
Assembled with procession machine screws
Patented rear locking bar
Lanyard hole for parachute cord