Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ Fishfinder

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Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ only castable fishfinder with in-built GPS. This allows you to create underwater topography maps straight from the shore (in addition to mapping from boat/kayak). Deeper PRO+ is designed to scan the entire water column and mark fish, measure depth, temperature, bottom structure, underwater vegetation.
  • Wireless Wi-Fi Enabled Deeper creates a hotspot that your smartphone/tablet pairs with. NO INTERNET REQUIRED!
  • In-built GPS allows you to create underwater topography maps from the shore, boat,kayak, and ice
  • Set fish alarms for shore fishing or depth alarms as you troll
  • Connection range of 330ft; Depth range 2ft-260ft; Target separation down to 0.5in.
  • Dual Frequency Sonar possible two scanning cone angles: wide 55 degrees, and narrow 15 degrees
  • Mount to any kayak or boat then troll with the Deeper App in Boat Mode
  • Choose from 3 color palettes for perfect visibility in all conditions, and switch from basic to detailed display.