Daiwa J-Braid Fishing Line - 65 Lb Test 330 Yards - White

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Daiwa J-Braid Fishing Line-White, is super smooth and supple for easy casting and no memory. J-Braid Chartreuse line is highly visible and this helps detect even the slightest line movements. The 8 strand fibers are a durable weave that creates a truly round braided line. This line is ultra strong and ready to take on any fish that swims like a street fighter! Small diameters allow for deeper dives with crank baits, accurate depths when trolling, and super sensitive to detect bites with jigs, worms, creature baits and other soft plastics. White line color with 65 lb. test and 330 yards of line.
8 Strand weave strong
Super smooth and supple
Easy casting and no memory
Low stretch - round profile
True round diameter lays well on any reel
65# J-Braid is equivalent to 16# mono