Cold Steel Hand and a Half Dagger 13.125 in Blade

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An optional companion dagger is also available. Scaled down in size and almost identical in appearance, fit, finish and materials. In truth it makes a terrific off hand parrying weapon and can stand alone in its own right as a dagger you can wear with pride on any occasion. Every Hand-and-a-Half Sword and dagger reflects the highest standards in workmanship and materials. To safely house your sword and dagger, we have also included attractive scabbards made of wood covered with black leather, with steel throat and chape.
Blade length: 13.125 in
Overall length: 19.75 in
Blade material: 1060
Handle material: Leather
Comes complete with a Leather sheath
Weight: 1 lb. 1.50 oz
Blade finish: Satin