Birchwood Casey Complete Gun Finish Kit

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DELUXE GUN BLUE & STOCK FINISH KIT Kit includes: 3 oz Walnut Stain 3 oz Blue & Rust Remover 3 oz Cleaner-Degreaser 3 oz TRU-OIL Gun Stock Finish 3 oz Stock Sheen & Conditioner 3 oz PERMA BLUE Liquid Gun Blue Blueing Applicators, Sponge, Service Cloth BARRICADE Rust Protection Gun Wipes Complete Instruction Guide
proven leaders in blueing and stock finishing
kit includes 3 oz walnut stain, 3 oz blue and rust remover, 3 oz cleaner-degreaser, 3 oz TRU-OILgun stock finish, 3oz stock sheen, and conditioner
Kit also includes3 oz perma blue liquid gun blue, and blueing applicators
Also in the kit are a sponge and service cloth
Includes barricade rust protection gun wipes, and complete instruction guide