Barska Biometric Fingerprint Safe AX11224

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The Biometric Fingerprint Safe allows you to keep firearms, valuables and important items close at hand and easily accessible. When the contents must be accessed, the state of the art locking mechanism is opened through the high-tech fingerprint recognition. The owner of the biometric gun safe can record up to 30 different fingerprints that open the lock. Valuable contents are protected from thieves and keeps firearms and weapons safely out of children's reach yet keep them accessible in seconds. With this safe there is no more need for finding the right key or remembering a complex numeric combination under duress. The faceplate removes to reveal a backup key lock in case of battery failure.
Store up to 30 different fingerprints
CA DOJ Approved
Outer Size: 16.5''x14.5''x7.75'' Inner Size: 16.25''x12''x7''
Included Accessories: Protective Floor Mat, Mounting Hardware, 2 Backup Keys and Batteries
Warranty: One-Year Limited