Archer Xtreme Carnivore C4 Camo Bow Sight C410B

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Fully machined from 6061 T6 solid billet, the CARBON CARNIVORE features 100% 3K carbon fiber bands on the sight bracket & housing. This makes it stronger AND lighter providing for more precise targeting. Xtreme brightness is achieved with 11" of .019" diameter fiber-optic for each of the 5 pins. The patent pending Fiber Harness (F.H.) bracket system provides for maximum light gathering in low light conditions. In lower lighting, archers utilize the LED sight light on the Fiber Harness system to achieve increased brightness. Our sight level features third-axis adjustability.
2in HD Sight Ring
Micro Adjust
2nd and 3rd Axis
5x .019 inch center core pin technology
Micro LED