Apex Gear Covert Series 4 Pin 19 Bow Sight-Black

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The Covert Series 4 Pin 19 Bow Sight offers four fixed pins on a roving bracket. Locked, the Covert 4 Pin Bow Sight works like a traditional fixed pin sight. Unlocked, this sight can be dialed in for deadly accuracy. Other features this sight provides are adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis luminescent levels and an adjustable yardage pointer. Can be used by right or left handed shooters.
Includes over 120 pre-marked yardage tapes to simplify setup
Rear-facing, easy-to-see yardage tape location
Adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis luminescent level
Bracket incorporates dampened end-of-travel stops
Adjustable yardage pointer
Adjustable for left and right-handed users
Quick and easy setup