AimSHOT TZ980-WH Adjust. Beam Wireless Flashlight Kit

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TZ980-WH AimSHOT Adjustable Beam Wireless Light Kit. The revolutionary TZ980 is a unique flashlight designed by AimSHOT from the ground up as a weapon mounted adjustable focus light for hunting and tactical use. It is the only adjustable beam light on the market that is waterproof, recoil proof, and has a fully adjustable output from 5-100% output using the wireless rail mounted pressure switch. The beam pattern is easy to adjust using less than half of a rotation of the bezel to adjust from wide angle to narrow beam pattern. At the widest angle, you can see approximately 40' wide at 100'. As you turn the bezel to zoom in the beam pattern, the light output is condensed into a 10' wide cone of light. Use the wide angle to find your prey, then zoom in to identify and track your target. The adjustable beam allows you to match the field of view of magnified optics for varmint hunting and other night time use and is available in white, green or Infrared versions. With the wireless pressure switch, it allows the user full adjustment for not only the beam pattern of the light, but also the output of the LED. On the wireless pressure switch there are three buttons. The first button turns the light on and off. The second button allows you to adjust the output higher (it blinks to confirm (more...)
Adjustable beam to focus all 400+ lumen on target
Only waterproof and recoil proof adjustable beam LED light system
Wireless Remote pressure switch includes dimming capabilities
Includes: TZ980 light, picatinny mount, quick release rail mount, wireless pressure switch, batteries and adapter and nylon belt holster to hold kit
400+ lumen (FL-1 standard) of bright white light
Compatible with 18650 rechargeable batteries (not included)