.30-06 OUTDOORS Straight Jacket 6 Arrow Quiver Snow Camo

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The .30-06 Outdoors Straight Jacket Sixx Arrow Quiver is super lightweight and equipped with an easy-to-use quick release. This quiver can hold both fixed blade and mechanical blade broadheads. Your arrows will remain secured in the quiver even when youre on the move or your bow is in use with the dual rubber arrow locking points. The Straight Jacket Sixx Arrow Quiver holds up to 6 arrows at once and is an ideal addition to any bow accessory collection.
  • Holds 6 arrows at a time for hunting or target practice; super lightweight construction
  • Versatile and can hold fixed or mechanical broadheads; compatible with right and left-handed archers
  • Specialized dual rubber arrow locking points ensure your arrows will stay put even when your bow is in use
  • A quick release system allows the quiver to be attached and detached with ease
  • Makes arrows more accessible without obstructing the bowstring