Lyman Electronic Hearing Protection Black

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Each day when were in the ballistics range testing and perfecting our reloading manuals, our team always chooses to use electronic hearing protection to get the job done. At Lyman Products we know a thing or two about quality products and we want to offer the best to our customers. The Lyman Electronic Hearing Pros amplify surrounding sound such as voices or machines to safe levels, while effectively blocking out the loud percussion sounds of the shooting range. This makes our hearing protection perfect for safely communicating at the range, in the field or on the shop floor.
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries - NOT included
  • Comes with audio port and audio cable for MP3, phone connection, or audio
  • Amplifies surrounding sounds
  • Loud impulses blocks out sound automatically
  • Ultrathin rubberized cups
  • 2 omni directional microphones
  • Noise reduction rating certified at 23db