TRC Recreation Super Soft Pool Saddle Flamingo Pink

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TRC Recreation Super-Soft Pool Saddle is a saddle-shaped design floating chair that is ideal for flotation and relaxing. Designed to allow the freedom of arms and legs for paddling around in a lake, pool, or for use in aquatic therapy. Can also be used as a soft, comfortable seat cushion. The user is suspended half-in and half-out of the water. Approximate Dimensions: 21 L x 21 W x 1 Thick. This model comes in Flamingo Pink.
  • Approximate Dimensions: 21" 21" with 1.5" thickness
  • Can be used outside the pool as a seat cushion
  • Great for floating and relaxing
  • Floating chair shaped like a saddle
  • Gives your arms and legs freedom to paddle
  • Soft, comfortable cushion seat
  • Made in the USA