Life Gear Red Glow 60 Lumen Lantern

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The Life Gear Glow Lantern 60L is a compact 60 lumen lantern with three light settings including white LED lantern, glow red nightlight, and emergency flasher. A foldable handle makes it easy to carry and its small size makes it easy to take anywhere. Not just great for camping and outdoor activities, this light is also an excellent choice for emergency preparedness and power outages. Four AAA batteries give 100 hours of use in flasher mode. The Glow Lantern is also impact resistant, water resistant, lightweight, compact and splash proof.
  • 60 lumens with three light modes: lantern, glow red, and emergency flasher.
  • Impact resistant, lightweight, compact, water resistant, and splash proof.
  • 00 hours of use in flasher mode.
  • Perfect for outdoor activities and emergency preparedness.