Boomerang Hunt Gear Electronics Tether XD 14 36 in Carabiner

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The XD Boomerang Hunt Gear Electronics Tether, Extreme Duty, has 14 oz of retraction. The tether has up to 36 inches of pull of kevlar cord and has a built in carabiner to attach to your gear. The electronics tether is designed for range finders, cameras and other electronics. The housing construction is a hunter green polycarbonate case.
  • Made in the USA
  • 36 inch retracting kevlar cord with electronics end piece
  • Designed for Range Finders, small binoculars, cameras & other Electronics
  • features a lock to stop retraction & removes cord tension
  • Hunter Green polycarbonate casing wth stainless steel retraction spring
  • keeps electronics secure and handy
  • carabiner securely attaches to your pack, clothing or other gear