BugBand Portable Diffuser Refill Cartridges (6 Cartridges)

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The BugBand refillable cartridges (case of 6 cartridges) are the latest vapor insect repellent technology timed released beads. Each refillable cartridge lasts 120 hours plus! Economical, pleasant scent, deet free. Safe when used as directed around food, children and pets. Do not open the cartridge and empty beads. Cartridges are designed to be used in tact and can pose a choking hazard. Read and follow package instructions.
Six deet free insect repellent refillable cartridges for use with the BugBand portable diffuser for use indoors or outdoors
Pleasant scented vapor beads form a protective barrier up to 300 square feet each refillable cartridge lasts 120+ hours
Exhausted cartridges are environmental safe add to plastic recycle bin
3rd party laboratory tested in repelling the aedes aegypti mosquito also known as the tiger mosquito and biting midges
Use as directed

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